mercredi, novembre 25, 2009

Grade 2 Moms' Lunch

This afternoon I received 8 moms in my home for a home-cooked meal. One of them is new to the school and she is from Argentina. Lovely lady who has lived in many different countries from Switzerland to Lebanon to the USA...It is always a pleasure to find other families like ours who have moved around abit.

I felt bad that I have waited this long to formally meet this new mom and introduce her to the rest of the class (and to one of our moms who is an importer of Argentinian beef!). My last 2 attempts to organise a meeting didn't fall through very well, that's why. Luckily she has lived in different countries and therefore has good instincts about surviving in a new place. I will not need to bring her around etc as I should as Class Rep.

I kept things simple and offered just a choice between Beef in Red Wine Sauce or Chicken in Thai Green Curry to my guests. Though almost everybody ended up having both. It's a pleasure to see my guests eating and not dieting when they were at my place.

Conversation flowed in this group like it always had, and it was a really nice afternoon. There is a good mix of locals and expatriates and almost everyone meets often anyway after school for activities and other events. There, without my asking, they started to ask me what they could bring to the Winter Fair Buffet and when we were discussing birthday parties, several volunteered to transport those children whose families do not have their own cars. A good bunch of ladies.

Baby Boy had a friend to play with. She used to beat him up whenever she saw him, but now they couldn't bear to leave each other because they were playing so well together. I was telling him to stay away from everyone because he is still coughing (but no fever for more than 48 hours now), but the girl's mom didn't seem too worried about them being together so I relaxed too and left the poor girl to her fate. The problem with kids in the IBO system is that they don't like to miss school unlike kids in the other school systems. Baby Boy thinks staying at home is boring when he could be at school with his teacher and classmates learning and playing at the same time.

Hub called home to ask if there was leftover green curry for his dinner. Thank God I managed to salvage a bowl from whatever's left in the wok. They all seem to prefer the curry to the red wine sauce. I wonder why...

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