dimanche, novembre 01, 2009

Today's Lunch

Coriander and Citrus Chicken

I revisited the Coriander and Citrus Chicken today. Ingredients remained the same, but I used chicken breasts instead and only marinated them for an hour. Those fresh coriander leaves I bought in London are still crisp and fresh 2 weeks down the road...

But like I've said before, the result may still differ from the last time since for some reason I may not do things the same way. The sauce was darker and thicker today. No, I didn't use dark soy sauce. I simply let the chicken pieces caramelise before adding in the stock and the sauce turned out naturally darker. And I used less stock and a tsp more corn starch.

Thai Pineapple Rice

Served it with Thai Pineapple Rice with the last of my Lim Chee Guan Chinese sausages.

Hub finally finished assembling the Ikea wardrobe. Hopefully this would mean the end of hearing him grumble about backaches, my lack of sense of mechanics and no better ways of spending his weekends.

Meanwhile I'm a zombie as I went to bed after midnight yesterday. Brought the kids to Opla for a Halloween party with the Koturs and the Boyetts. We were the last to leave - as usual.

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