mardi, novembre 30, 2010

Finali Mondiali 2010, Valencia

Finali Mondiali 2010 in Valencia, Spain

Hub called from Valencia (Spain) to say that I should have gone with him to the Finali Mondiali 2010. He had just checked into his hotel room at the Westin Valencia and was hoping that I could advise him on what he could do in the city before dinner.

Westin Valencia

I told him that he wasn't a child so I had no idea. A pity as the zoo and the aquarium there are very good.

He called just as I was trying to (1) stem my finger from bleeding me dry (paper cut from moving cardboxes of clothes), (2) cook lunch and (3) scream at the children who were fighting - all at the same time. Why wouldn't I want to go to Valencia with him? But who would look after the children? Plus I had made various appointments with friends that weekend.

He had taken my camera with him so that he could show me some of the going-ons. So here's Ferrari's Finali Mondiali 2010 in a few pictures :

Science Museum

The F1 pilots on stage

Legs, Beauties & Parapluies

Vintage Ferrari

During dinner on Saturday, he was at a table where there were a number of old and/or ugly rich men with 1.8m-tall blondes with big boobs hanging on the arm. I told him that he could find one of his own the day he becomes very very rich - and after he had shared half of his fortune with me, of course. While waiting, he is but a salaried man like most men and must make do with a girl like me. :-)

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