dimanche, novembre 21, 2010

Christmas Before Christmas

JW's Roast Turkey

Our cookery club is sailing in full blast at the moment - as most of its members try to get their second lessons out before I leave. This is very kind, though it sometimes means pushing things a little schedule-wise, giving everybody barely time to breathe or get much of other things done. Still, I really do treasure the few sessions left to the group as we are now, knowing that the days are really numbered.

Fried Salmon Cakes

JW cooked us a Christmas lunch before Christmas. I've never cooked turkey before - unless you consider the one failed attempt I made when I was a student freshly arrived in Paris more than 15 years ago. I must admit that I was part-admiration and part-skeptical when I peeped at her turkey cooking away in the oven - which for the record turned out moist, succulent and very delicious.

JW preparing the salmon cakes

While we gossipped, JW not only cooked the turkey, but also made gravy, boiled carrots and brussel sprouts, baked potatoes, made bread sauce, prepared stuffing, fried salmon cakes...and churned out an English no-bake cheesecake. How's that?

The spread

I forgot to mention that we were also treated to hot spiced red wine and minced pies before the lesson begun and she ended the meal with Christmas pudding...Needless to say we were literally stuffed and all that before Christmas itself.

No-bake English Cheesecake

But it was wonderful. I may not have the time nor mood to cook anything special for Christmas this year - so this meal was special for me as such.

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