dimanche, novembre 21, 2010

Driving the (Ferrari) California to Tuscany

Ferrari California in Tuscany

I told Hub that he should get us the Ferrari California to ride in before we leave Modena, having obtained the idea from friends who had rented one when they had guests in Maranello. He was resistent to the idea at first, considering this whole business a real hassle. He's too used to never mixing business with pleasure - that's the problem. But how could one work, hear and breathe Ferraris for nearly 4 years and not ride in one at least once, right?

The key

He gave the matter some consideration (after, I must admit, some nagging on my part) and drove home with a beautiful red California last Friday! It was his for the whole weekend, could you believe it?

Seen from behind

We decided to join 3 other familes on a wine-tasting weekend in Tuscany (Montepulciano, Montalcino...) in "our" Ferrari. My initial idea of just doing a few rounds in Maranello was voted out almost immediately. The beautiful car is like a beautiful woman that you must bring out and make some distance with to better hear her purr. So instead of just having a 10-minute go in the car, I had to sit in it for 3 hours on the way out and back. You may remember that I've been driving the Lancia Phedra for a few years now. Am not too used to being so close to the tarmac. It made me quite nervous.

The Teenager checking out the car

If you like attracting attention, drive/sit in a Ferrari. The Teenager was like a Maharajah on a white tiger, glowing in any look (intentional or accidental) thrown our way. I was wishing that I had found the time to wash my hair that morning.

CB's car was following us

Hub loved driving the California. He told me at least 5 times in 3 days that one could get used to having a car like that. Though I still haven't figured out how one could drive this car without holding on to a stick of some sort. Needless to say I never for once even thought of asking Hub to pass me the wheel. I am not suicidal.

The outside

The interior of the car is LUXURY. Poltrona Frau leather seats, many sophisticated-looking buttons and a roof that can be opened - if only it would stop raining. And really rich people must not often be fat - because there isn't much room (not for the bum nor for the legs) in the car. They must also travel light - for boot space is almost non-existant. Just enough for a few bottles of Brunello, if you must.

Inside the car

Hub had a picture taken with the California - so that he could send it to DC. Why DC? Because the car was his baby. He designed it when he was working for the company. And I've told the famous stylist a few times that if there was one Ferrari that I would like to ride in it'll be his California. For that reason too I'm really happy to have had this dream fulfilled.

Wind in the hair

The boys loved the very loud noise sound that the car produces when you start the engine. It gave them a high. You get from 0 to 200Km in a matter of seconds. The drive was surprisingly very very smooth, though I held the airline vomit bag I borrowed from MB all throughout the journey just in case.

Closing the roof

It was a lovely weekend. I only sat in the car twice - having given up my place to those in our group so that they may have a go in the car too. This way I got to try out a Mercedes and a VW, I've never sat in one before last weekend.

Babinou checking out the driver's seat

Hub will drive the kids to school in the California in the morning - on his way to return the car. We've had a wonderful weekend in Tuscany : beautiful car, great company, good wine, nice agriturismo, marvelous landscapes and delicious food. Even the bad weather couldn't spoil anything for us. Except maybe the hole in the pocket. That car has an insatiable, voracious appetite for unleaded petrol.

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