dimanche, novembre 07, 2010

Lost in Translation

Prawns with Cream and Cognac

We were at MB's last evening for dinner. Lovely evening with great company as usual. Bubbly, vintage reds, delicious 4-course dinner - Hub ate and drank so much he went to the bathroom after dessert and didn't return.

Salad with Speck

At some point, we girls were in deep conversation when I thought I heard loud snoring. Having spent a week in London sharing a room with my kids, I thought at first that maybe Babinette was taking a nap. But of course it was Hub catching his 40 winks on the B's sofa. At least 1 wink per minute. While waiting for him to wake up, we remaining 5 still on our feet had coffee in the kitchen and exchanged snoring stories.

Kartoffelgratin, Beef with Gravy - yummy!

We left after midnight and I had to drive everyone home, of course. We were walking through thick fog to the car when I heard Hub and the Teenager laughing like idiots. Asked them what that was for, but they were incapable of answering me, just continued laughing away. Speak of irritating.


Finally Hub calmed down and related their conversation :

Hub : What did you do all evening?

Teenager : I watched TV.

H : Was there anything interesting?

T : The last thing I watched was a Chinese movie starring Jet Li.
Couldn't understand anything.
It was in German.

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Edith a dit…

S, this write up is hilarious!