lundi, novembre 08, 2010

Gardaland around Halloween

Halloween @ Gardaland

I may consider indulging in s & m if I could but fit into a tight leather leopard and look like Cat Woman instead of Miss Piggy. Alas that would have been for another life as for all my faults I am not delusional.

Burning car in the middle of the highway near the Peschiera del Garda exit

I did bring the kids to Gardaland (yet again) the day before we left for London. It rained the whole day, they fought the minute they got into the car, I nearly drove into a burning car on the highway...ingredients for a nightmare, what, but we had a good time since there were almost no queues in the park and the kids loved the decor for Halloween.

The Babies really wanted to ride on Magic Mountain, Mammut and Colorado Boat. Overheard them discussing the feeling they had when they were doing the rides. "It didn't give me a headache," said Babinette. "I feel happy when we go very fast," added Babinou.

On Halloween itself (after we came back from London), we were invited to LP's famous Halloween party and the kids had a great time decorating their own goodie bags, baking their own halloween cookies and decorating their own cupcakes. Then we went trick or treating in the neighbourhood, coming home with lots and lots of sweets.

By the way, did I tell you that Bollywood Beauty was also with us? She came back to Modena and stayed 2 days at our place, so I brought her to the party for some catching-up with the rest. It was almost like old times...

LS and my Bollywood Beauty

I am very busy now trying to sort out our things. We will be moving in less than 2 months and the house is in such a mess. I do not need a Halloween party, it's infernis at home everyday.

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SIG a dit…

I love that bowl! Where you moving to?

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

It was LP's bowl. Like it too :-)

I've PMed you about the move.

Pris a dit…

Hey dear
Was that burning car for real?!??!?! I hope there was nobody inside! And you're moving in 2 mths! That's really soon! Still can't wait for you to reveal your new destination. Pity though! I kept thinking that when we buy a bigger car we could visit you in Italy, but that's gonna remain a dream now.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Yeap, it was burning for real. There were 2 guys hanging around near it, so I assume that no one's in there...

I've PMed you about our new destination :-)