lundi, septembre 28, 2009

Villa Aggazzotti

Villa Aggazzotti

I've been here for more than 2 years now and have not walked beyond the grounds that come with the house. One reason could be that I'm not a curious person, or that I hate the idea of grasshoppers jumping out at me every step I take. I've always said that the landowners should pay us to stay in their house. Without us it would have disintegrated in no time out here.

Our house seen from afar

The other day, needing some distance from Hub who pissed me off because he complained all day long that the walls were too hard when I asked him to hang up a few frames, I decided to take a walk and check out the other end of our compound. I was brave and managed to ignore those jumping grasshoppers (there were lots of them). I just imagined that they were Hub.

The vineyard along the way

The path led me past the organic Agriturismo Aggazzotti run by our landlord's cousin and the Villa Aggazzotti (that you could rent for weddings and functions) to a dead end - a very smelly dead end occupied by what looked like a chicken farm. I made a quick U-turn and decided to pop into the agriturismo for a visit. They have rooms to let, a restaurant, a nursery, a few animals and a vineyard. Soon they would be harvesting the grapes to make lambrusco and Balsamic vinegar, I should make a note to turn up then and take a look.

The grounds of the Villa

And I saw the Villa. I mean the front entrance. It was closed but is situated in a shady garden that has a little chapel (?) in the middle. This is a very important family in these parts. They own almost everything here, including the land that now houses the golf club. What kind of glorious past do they have?

Villa Aggazzotti

I walked back home. Found those 3 frames on the wall. Weren't the walls too hard?

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