vendredi, septembre 18, 2009

Tarte aux Girolles (Chanterelle Tart)

Tarte aux Girolles

Was supposed to stay away from puff pastry, bacon and crème fraiche, but when I saw those chanterelles the other day in the supermarket, I had to buy them and forget the diet. Of course I could do just the simple sautée with olive oil, parsley and garlic (which I actually did - for the tart), but with the quantity of chanterelles I have, I could do a few different dishes with them and Tarte aux Girolles oblige! Hub prepared his famous French vinaigrette to dress his frisée salad to accompany the tart.

This evening, we'll have the classic Poulet aux Girolles (Chicken in Cream and Chanterelles).

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