dimanche, septembre 20, 2009


Duck Magret with Thai Red Curry and Lychees

I haven't been making anything fancy since I came back. Just the usual easy or tried and tested dishes. Every September, I feel as if I'm starting a new year all over again - just 4 months away from the real one. And this makes me nervous and very uneasy. Plus, at the risk of repeating myself, I have to watch what I eat after an over-indulgent summer.

Last evening we had Argentinian Entrecote for dinner. For lunch today, it was Grilled Duck Magret with Thai Red Curry and Lychees.

2nd take

Hub will be away at INSEAD in France for 2 weeks. I am looking forward to singing Singstar in bed (we just installed a LCD TV in our bedroom) with the kids and eating Mamee instant noodles. Middle-class housewifing sometimes can be such a pretentious job. When you read magazines and watch TV, they encourage you to be like Martha Stewart when all you want to do is be like your own mother finally.

After I've autumn-cleaned, being mono-tasked, I may look into working on new recipes and experimenting with new dishes. Having inherited AB's leather chairs for the dining table, the kitchen looks quite neat for a change and I may just feel like entertaining again. And it's about time I start using my retro-blue Kenwood mixer and give myself a good excuse to buy a pasta machine. :-)

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