mardi, septembre 15, 2009

French Toast Club Sandwiches

Ham and Cheddar French Toast Club Sandwiches

I suspect that my cleaning lady thinks I'm a cheapskate. She cleans my furniture and she thinks to herself, "They only have Ikea..." Just last Monday she told me that they have bought a new mattress - and it costs 2000 euros (!). That's almost 10 times what I paid for mine.

Last year, I lugged home a 50-euro dondola from Ipercoop. Said cleaning lady thought it was a good idea and went to buy one too. Only she bought the 200-euro one because she felt that the one I had was too cheap. And she was right, of course. The wind came and blew the dondola away and after a few times it broke.

I am like a karang guni (recycling man). I hoard almost everything and just 2 weeks ago I felt like Christmas had arrived early when AB offered to let me pick out a few things from her house as she wouldn't be moving most of her (year old) furniture and household stuff with her. Only of course I couldn't really take the big stuff as I do not have much space left with my own junk. The temptation to throw out the Ikea was great, but then I got sentimental because Ikea it may be but I went alone most of the time to lug the stuff back. And guess who did the assembling? Literally alot of sweat and energy went into them. Still, I took some really nice things (she has good taste) including a TV though that didn't mean I am happy that she had to move. I really like that girl alot and I am still sorry that I've lost my ham croissants for the Winter Fair buffet...

And the main reason why we buy Ikea is because we're nomads. You watch TV and you see that most nomads live in tents that can be rolled up and packed on the yak. We move every few years and could never know beforehand what kind of flat or house we would be renting next. Definitely no made-to-measure furniture and preferably not too much furniture as so often we were obliged to give half the house away when we moved. But I am so sad, because I dream of building my own kitchen and bathrooms and I am still waiting to plant my potted olive, lemon and rose plants in the ground.

Back to the cleaning lady, she actually brings me toys (recycled from other households), ornaments and even shirts for Hub. It really freaks him out and I was going to tell her that I have enough junk at home besides I almost only buy branded stuff (except Ikea) nowadays - when she told me that she was sure I wouldn't mind her bringing stuff to make the kids happy because unlike most other (middle class) women I'm not a snob. Oh.

Maybe not a snob, but I'm now certainly a hypocrite.

Anyway, I'm into autumn cleaning now. One room to another I have decided to dig out the junk and go through them - even if I may decide to keep them after all. So I have no time to cook fancy.

Dinner a few nights ago consisted of Club sandwiches composed of French toasts, cooked ham and cheddar cheese (and cooked in olive oil instead of butter). And I really go heavy with my condensed milk when I make French toasts. I'll find any excuse to consume condensed milk - they remind me of my childhood for some reason.

And I did give away at least 8 bags of clothes and shoes from just one room. Some of them to the cleaning lady who will surely recycle them elsewhere. Next week I'll attack the boxes of paper in the dining room and the toys in the Babies' room.

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Dutchess a dit…

If there are any new shoes in your stash, I'll take them!

I know what you mean about not knowing what your next apartment/house will look like. We decided not to bring our 3m couch with us thinking it would not fit in the average Singaporean apartment. By chance we did manage to find one with a spacious living room and are now waiting for our custom-made 4.1m sofa + 2 single seaters to arrive end of the month.

We do buy from Ikea too but mainly for the small odds and ends, not the main furniture.

I'm also constantly clearing out stuff mainly because I hate clutter. Unless it's my hobby stash, I'm quite heartless when it come to throwing things away. Also, it just makes thing easier when we have to move which is almost always a last minute decision.

Btw, I was at Ikea trying to find the blue and white tulip dinner service you have but I think it's been discontinued. Argh! I like that range alot!

su a dit…

Nomads we are babe! I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning cum Hari Raya decluttering. Wish I cud get hold of more books but now I'd rather rely on the online ones simply because we're moving again next yr. S, I heard that u need to book a year in advance for a place in German that true?

bellatigre a dit…

Heh S, how do you use condensed milk for your French toasts? Recipe?!

Beau Lotus a dit…

Dutchess, 4.1m wow that's one good sofa. Excellent for entertaining. When I have people here, they have to stay in the kitchen as my Ikea couch can only take 3. Is it in leather or in textile?

I have been buying bits of ethnic furniture and the problem is that they are not really suited for the weather here and they do not coordinate. Made to measure is still best if you can afford it.

You could get a Dutch dinner service, I love the blue on white stuff they have.

I did give away new shoes but mainly espadrilles. For some reason I liked them alot last season (and stocked up) and then I don't anymore this year.

Su, we waited 6 months for our German Kindergarten and would have to do the same for our French one - but last minute got a place. I think it's not compulsory for kids to go to one so they do not have lots of places. But you can also try a Kinderhaus, they may be able to give you a place for half day and then later full day.

Elaine, I make my French Toast with eggs, good amount of condensed milk, a little fresh milk, ground cinnamon, a pinch of salt and pepper. Whisk everything together and then prepare the frying pan. Nowadays I use olive oil instead of butter. Dip your bread (coat both sides) in the egg mixture only as you are going to cook it or it'll be too soggy.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Elaine, by condensed milk I mean the sweetened ones by the way.

bellatigre a dit…

great thanks for the recipe S. I'll go the Asian minimart to get the condensed milk tomorrow. I've always made French toasts (actually I've only made it less than 5 times :-P)with eggs and a bit of sugar only but your recipe sounds so much more interesting. Thank you O'kitchen goddess :-)

Dutchess a dit…

The sofa is in leather as it feels better and is easier to clean. It's got retractable head and foot rests too. We went all out for this as we, or rather I spend most of my free time in front of the telly with my needlework. That would explain my ginoromous telly too.