samedi, septembre 12, 2009

Pan-Grilled Turbot/Rombo

Pan-Grilled Turbot

The turbot is a flatfish that has a firm tasty flesh that I buy occasionally as it is quite costly and weighs quite alot (minimum 1 kg) which is too much when only Hub and myself will be eating it. Otherwise it is easy to prepare and always makes a lovely meal.

Last evening, I had it marinated in some salt and olive oil, rubbed some garlic on a hot non-stick frying pan and grilled the fish in some olive oil. On the side, I prepared some cherry tomatoes marinated in olive oil, crushed garlic, herbs (e.g. dill, fennel...) and crushed chilli peppers and spread it on top of the turbot in the last minutes of its cuisson - covering the pan to finish cooking the fish in its own steam.

The French do not usually eat pasta on its own like the Italians, but use it to accompany a meat or a fish. I placed my Pan-Grilled Turbot on a bed of pan-roasted thin-cut potatoes, fresh wide tagliatelle and just-boiled spinach.

This is the kind of dinner I usually make when I run out of time after too many hours spent on the Internet. And I have spent the whole of yesterday booking 2 holidays for October - one to London and the other to Valencia. I would like to move a bit before winter sets in. This is already too depressing to contemplate.

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Anonyme a dit…

Enough time to go to Westfield outlet shopping in the outskirts of London this time?

Beau Lotus a dit…

I was there the last time, just a few stops from Queensway station in Bayswater. Very big mall with lots of restaurants, I went mad in Marks and Spencer and Gap - for the kids. And feasted (only eyes) at Cartier and Tiffany.