vendredi, septembre 04, 2009

Adventure in Singapore

Flying across Bedok Reservoir

I was a latchkey kid. And even now I'm perfectly fine just staying in a small room watching TV, writing or reading - for hours and hours. But latchkey kid met Itchy Backside, the sort who left home at 17 and who could never sit still. Even when the sun has set, the crickets sing and the mosquitoes start to sting, he would insist that we dine out in the garden - so as not to be inside. Even if you couldn't see what you were eating.

At Club Med Bintan, our friend looked around the whole compound for his family - looked everywhere for us but never thought of checking out the rooms. Couldn't imagine that you would come to Club Med and stay in the room...

Orchid Country Club

Why not? I couldn't imagine paying so much and not stay in the room. That bed was really comfortable and they had 24-hour KBS. I am so into Korean drama.

Baby Boy Bowler

All this to say that I didn't get to see much of my old room in Hougang when the Hub arrived in August. Everyday we would be out doing something : bowling, Wild Wild Wet, cycling at East Coast, swimming in pools stretching from Sengkang to Yishun, climbing trees at Bedok Reservoir...exploring the Mekong Delta, but that would be another story.

East Coast Park

As such I bowled for the 1st time in my life. I discovered that East Coast Park has been transformed, with nice sandy beaches and lots of activities being proposed along its coast. The parks are now connected allowing one to walk or cycle for long distances. Sengkang has a new swimming complex with water slides, and Orchid Country Club (OCC) has a very nice golf driving range. We set out to do the Tree Top Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir but the storm arrived. That left us with only the trees climbed at Bedok Reservoir - with Forest Adventure.

Spiderman @ Forest Adventure, Singapore

Baby Boy was really excited at the thought as climbing trees is in his (Chinese) horoscope. Only catch though was that he was never tall enough most of the time. At Forest Adventure you need to be at least 1.1m tall and he is just almost there. But I sold them the fact that he had already done it in Italy and they bought it - whew!

Babies quite high up

Forest Adventure in Singapore has a short course for children. It is easy in that the kids are hooked just once to the line and could move around the whole course like that; but their course is also much higher than the one at Zocca, for example, and is a little scarier as there is usually nothing to hold on to on both sides. In fact, the Babies were quite frozen the 1st time they went on the French-designed Singapore course and took quite a while to thaw after which they decided to go on it a second time. The adult course meanwhile is interesting because part of it takes place over the Bedok Reservoir and climbing over it would therefore be an experience.

Walking on a tightrope

Tarzan act

A new adventure park is opening at Sentosa Island and that would be followed by the Warner Brothers Park next year. Just when you think that there is nothing more to do in Singapore, they always manage to come up with something.

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su a dit…

I appreciate the fact that we can now do a lot of activities around Singapore without having to travel for hours.The rope course looks exciting.Babe,I just adore your food pictures...nothing else that I look fwd more to when I'm home. We love our food, don't we?

Beau Lotus a dit…

Hi Su, are you still in Singapore or have you returned to India? Were you there for the Geylang Serai lightup? I'm sorry I missed it, didn't have the time to go take a look.

su a dit…

I was in Singapore for 2 wks then.Now in India but will be back again for hari raya haji. The light-up in Geylang isn't as exciting as in Orchard Rd so u dun really miss anything dear.