dimanche, septembre 20, 2009

Graduation Photo with Family

Freaky 90's graduation photo (son said I look very different now)

First the Babies are working on family trees or something like that at school and needed pictures of my parents, siblings etc. Then the parents received a letter addressed to me by Mr Lee of Portrait Master Studio in Singapore, informing us that he has since become an artist and had stopped operating his photo studio. Out of goodwill, he would sell us the negatives from our (long-ago) convocation photo sessions - would I be interested?

You bet. In that age of non-digital photography, you actually used negatives and the idea alone of seeing them again excites me. And believe it or not, I was just thinking about it a few weeks ago. If only all my fantasies about striking the lottery would come true just like that.

Though why he didn't give us our negatives back then, I couldn't remember. Studios today usually give you a digital hardcopy of photos you take and print with them.

Anyway, all the best to that Mr Lee. It mustn't be easy converting from taking photos and touching them up manually to actually drawing and painting. Or maybe it is - what do I know?

5 commentaires:

Muriel a dit…

Hmm ... where are you? which one of teh lovely girls is you? I cannot work it out O_o !!!

Your Mum is beautiful, she looks so charming.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Haha mom smiles well - when she's not angry with you.

I'm glad you didn't mention our glasses, who chose them for us?!!

bellatigre a dit…

You kind of look like you did in the photo when I last saw you in Nov 2007.

rinaz a dit…

I cant tell which one you were.

But speaking of glasses, the 90's does have its quirky glasses don't they?

Beau Lotus a dit…

Some of you were trying to be funny or what. I was the one who graduated (unless my English is so bad you couldn't understand) so of course that fat fellow in the gown had to be me.