vendredi, juin 26, 2009

A Time for Farewells

The Babies singing to songs from ABBA

The beginning of Summer is a difficult time for most expat families. Besides the hassle of preparing for the coming holidays, one often has to brace up to say goodbye to people you have come to know and like over the past few years. This year you yourself may not be leaving, but still, you have to work out how to comfort your children who would be losing their friends - once again.

Eldest Son and friends

Last evening we attended the school's annual end-of-the-year celebration. They prepared excellent performances involving the children as usual, but I wasn't able to concentrate, feeling quite restless and all. I had to keep myself chirpy and exuberant - and avoid talking to people I knew would be leaving. In case I break down and start to cry.

My Bollywood Beauty's leaving too!

Otherwise, I met my favourite girls some of them dressed to the nines. And I ate a dozen of those sweet mignons. So much for the diet.

Sari Queens - picture of elegance

Baby Boy gave his teacher a "diamond" ring - yes, he's well-trained. Though hopefully in the future, he'll not ask mommy to pay for his rings :-). His taste went to big antique styles with a huge centre stone. It was a copy of some famous royal jewel and much as I tried to steer him towards a cheaper piece, he wouldn't hear of it. And if you know how stubborn my son is, you would give up like I did. Anyway 2 of my children studied under this teacher so she's worth it, I can only hope that she didn't find it too gaudy.

Baby Boy and Ms Sheldon

We attended farewells for Rb, ML and FB last week so if you wish we've spread out the tears. Still, on the last day, I nonetheless found it difficult to say goodbye without crying. I can only wish them the best wherever they go to next.

With this, I would start to pack for my journey home. This summer we would be in Singapore with a few short trips to Penang, Saigon and Bintan Island - if we didn't get quarantined for swine flu. 220 cases in Singapore the last time I heard. Quite a lot for such a tiny country, don't you think so?

Happy Summer Holidays, everybody!

6 commentaires:

SIG a dit…

Wah sexy lah, finally a photo of you after so long... can't wait to see you. :) Goodbyes are the worst part of friendships.

Anonyme a dit…

You do have a lovely cleavage! I think you look more like a Thai woman now with yr tanned skin. No more ethnic Chinese look, can fully understand why the restaurant folks were surprised when they found out you were Chinese as recounted in yr earlier post.

Anyway enjoy your stay back home in Spore but the heat may be stifling as we got really very muggy & searing hot temperatures in the month of June which may continue on to July.

Lots of sunblock for you & yr kids if you intend to stay outdoors long.

citygirl a dit…

You look fabulous with tanned skin. Have a good vacation!

Beau Lotus a dit…

SIG, well said.

Anon, I just pray that it doesn't rain when I need to bring the kids to the pool.

Tanned skin makes one look slightly slimmer - I hope.

Pris a dit…

Hey S. You look amazing! Finally get to see your face after so many photos of food, children, gathering...but always missing your face!!!! Great cleavage too! Hahah.Oh, I hate goodbyes.... really hate them.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Well Pris, I've said one to you 2 years ago...