mercredi, juin 24, 2009

Strawberry and Cream Tart

Strawberry and Cream Tart

The strawberry agriturismo nearby had its harvest a few weeks ago and it gave me visions of cream and more cream for some reason. I had to go there pretty often when MIL was around as she fed herself more or less on all sorts of expensive delicious fruit and no matter how many kgs of cherries or strawberries you bought they would disappear within a day or 2.

So it was on auto-pilot that I made my way to the strawberry farm even after MIL's departure. I paid for 2 kgs of strawberries and then remembered that there wasn't really anybody around to eat them - before they perish.

At the same time I kept seeing cream everywhere and since my newly-ordered toy of pleasure has yet to arrive, cream would have to go to the stomach in more orthodox ways. It's the weather, it makes one hallucinate at times.

The supermarket was selling this new product : chocolate short-crust pastry. I had whipping cream and mascarpone in the fridge, lots of vanilla-ed sugar (as in real vanilla pods kept in a jar of sugar - nothing chemical) and a stock of Havana rum. Put them together and you get a Strawberry and Cream Tart.

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The Antiques Diva™ a dit…

Delicious!! My husband's been hitting the strawberry hut near his office on the Ku'Damm nearly everyday since strawberry season began! He returns home with half-eaten cartons we're putting to good use. Another idea to employ! Danke!

SIG a dit…

I see your zucchini flowers in the background, and the pie looks gorgeous!

Beau Lotus a dit…

Yeap, fried some zucchini flowers that same day and had them with parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar...

Diva, you can also make yummy strawberry milkshakes!