samedi, juin 27, 2009

Playing with My Camera

My Kitchen

I've had this camera for at least 2 years and only now did I know that I could change things like colour, ISO speeds, add date etc. Talk about slow...This is so fun!

Hub in the Salon

Looks like another era...

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Was the first 2 shots in sepia tone? Love it, very emo.

Continuing with sepia tone, you might want to get your kids or hub to snap a pic of yourself in cheongsam with some Chinese props like Chinese lantern for a classic 1930's merry old Shanghai look. Save tons of money doing it in a professional photo studio.

SIG a dit…

Love the photos... so dated! I like! Is that your house??? So tidy!

Beau Lotus a dit…

Yeah this sepia tone thing is so cool. I want to play some more.

My house is far from tidy, I get scolded all the time because it is always in a mess. All the more to like sepia or black/white, hides the details haha.