jeudi, juin 25, 2009



MIL is an artist. Only she has more or less stopped painting since the old man died a few years ago. He used to frame up her work for her.

Recently she started to be a little inspired again. In a short while, she was quite productive and painted a portrait each of Baby Girl and Baby Boy (from their photos).

Baby Girl is quite good at drawing and I'm sure that it didn't come from me. I am not good at anything, unfortunately.


I am really happy that she did them. It's nothing like being painted by your own grandma. This would give the children something to hang up in their own homes, something to pass on to their own children. I wish I had portraits like these from my ancestors.

Last I heard she was working on a portrait of me. Ahem.

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SIG a dit…

What rubbish! How can you say you are not good at anything! You are good at everything! I love the painting of baby girl. Really looks like her.