mercredi, juin 24, 2009

Grade 1 Pool Party

Kids in the small pool

The last event of the school year that I organised as Class Rep of Grade 1 : Pool party at LP's. Nice-sized pool, even nicer garden, house near the school and the most gracious of hostesses - it was all set to be a great pool party and it was.

The weather has been fickle lately but for once the sky held out though it looked at times like it wouldn't. The afternoon started out with one mother having to enter the pool fully-clothed to save a drowning child which couldn't be better-staged as it really set the pool party mood *(*wink*). The kids played together both in the big and small pools and enjoyed the snacks that a few mothers prepared. And we chatted, of course. There is synergy in the group and it really makes me look forward to seeing everyone again in Grade 2 next year. The class teacher joined us later as she had a meeting before and the kids were so happy to see her!

PS : The photo has been re-touched in order not to show the children in their "true" colours :-).

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