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Restaurant La Gloire Montargis, France

The dessert trolley at La Gloire Montargis

From Stuttgart we rented a car and drove to Reutlingen where Hub had to attend a few meetings over 2 days at his new company (which actually was his former company before Ferrari). While Hub was working I drove the kids to Metzingen for a spot of shopping and to Sindelfingen for 2 hours of fun at Jolos Kinderwelt - like in the old days when we were living in Germany. Then it was back to Stuttgart to catch another train and this time to Paris.

We travelled first class on the TGV and it was a wonderful experience for the kids who have always wanted to ride on one. Once at Gare du Nord we rented another car and drove to MIL's place - to wait for a part of our move from Modena. Since we couldn't bring everything to China and have nowhere to store them in Italy, we had to move them to MIL's cellar. At the same time, it gave us an opportunity to visit her before we leave Europe. In any case, our Chinese visas were not ready at that time so we couldn't board our flights to Shanghai.

The movers arrived with part of our wine cellar - and a broken LCD

Hub had a meeting to attend in St Julien du Sault in Burgundy so we drove there one evening and spent the night in Montargis. Our comfortable hotel ran a 1* Michelin restaurant named La Gloire Montargis - so we decided to try it out.

Our eyes were often larger than our stomachs. We opted for the full menu - having forgotten that dessert comprised of whatever you could eat out of a 3-tier dessert trolley. So we had foie gras to start followed by a fish and meat dish - and cheeses from a huge cheese trolley.

The food was very good, portions generous. There was nothing fancy about the dishes, but they were fresh, tasty and accompanied by the right sauces and vegetables. The owners drove regularly overnight to Rungis in Paris to buy their fresh ingredients, in fact we left the hotel very early the next morning and bumped into them as they returned from Paris.

Their desserts were to die for. I wished now that I had eaten lesser before and could do more justice to the dessert trolley. Or truth was I did - and suffered for it the whole night in our hotel room.

I actually ate all of that!

Hotel-Restaurant La Gloire Montargis
74 av. Gen. de Gaulle
45200 Montargis
Tel : 0238850469

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