mardi, mai 03, 2011

Mr and Mrs Bund, Shanghai

Bund 18

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in Shanghai. I had to be pulled out from under the mountain (364 to be precise) of boxes that I had been unpacking since early April, shoved into our chauffeur-driven car and rushed in the (acid) rain to Mr and Mrs Bund for a celebratory dinner.

Pasta in porcini cream

But I did get my hair done quickly in a hair salon that afternoon, the beauty of Shanghai being that while imported foodstuff is very expensive, waidi girls massaging your scalp and shampooing your hair for 35 minutes cost almost nothing. I have been nagged into taking up a 10000-yuan membership at Amani Hair Salon and Spa and that entitled me to better shampoo and a few discounts. It is quite impossible not to prepay for services (aka membership) here in Shanghai and possibly the only way to be left in peace each time you seek a haircut or a massage.

Pan-fried Foie Gras and Pomelo

And once you have prepaid for your services, you find yourself always ready to try something new in the boutique, I found myself as such undergoing a series of dandruff and other hair strengthening treatments - an excuse to have my scalp massaged every week while I contemplate the motifs they have plastered onto the white ceiling in the hair salon.

Lacquered Beef cheeks

My new pair of white Hugo Boss heels turned quite black by the end of the evening - and I've only walked between the car and the restaurant. It was drizzling and the pollution must be pretty bad in the city for the pavement and the rain to turn black literally.

Strawberries and coulis on thin crispy filo tart

But the outing was worth the health hazards for the food was good. French, nice decor if a little too noisy, innovative menu and a nice selection of (expensive) wines. Efficient service and tasty food (try the Black Cod - excellent), every dish cooked quite to perfection. Hub was so enchanted by it he wants us to return whenever we can. From weekday lunch to late Saturday night dinner - any window in his tight schedule will do.

Bund 18, 6/F
18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu
Tel : 021 6383 9898

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