samedi, juillet 21, 2007

Happy 57th Mom!

With all that unpacking and the visit from Hubby's old school friend and his family, I had lost track of time - literally.

Yesterday, as I picked up where I left off in my unpacking after saying goodbye to our guests, I started to wonder what the day's date was. The last time I kept track of the date was - Friday the 13th! (Forgot to buy Lotto)

And I realised with a start then that mom would be turning 57 on Saturday and that of course the new WiFi modem that we had had to be kaput since the day before i.e. no Skype. Thank God that there was still the phone and that it wasn't too late to call home. Well, it must be nearly 11pm in Singapore then, but mom usually stays up late to wash clothes, watch TV etc.

We spent 15 minutes on the phone. Another year that I couldn't celebrate her birthday in person with her. That I couldn't give her her present personally. At times like these I would wonder why I left home as I did all those years ago. But of course life, as we know, goes on. And we should all just try to make the best of it.

So once again, Happy 57th Birthday, Mom! Hope that you've had a great time with the rest of the family and that you will enjoy good health and get to celebrate at least another half a decade of delicious, warm birthdays.

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