lundi, juillet 02, 2007

The Beginning of Life in Italy

Yesterday I received the key to my new car. This morning we received the keys to the house. So begins my new life in Italy.

My Lancia Phedra

Hubby is really pleased with the LANCIA Phedra. It has a golden coat and beige leather seats. Up-to-date GPS, Xenon lights, automatic passenger doors and a 3-part sunroof. He told me that he's not sure that he wanted to give it to me after all. But that's because he hasn't received his Alfa Romeo 159 and is jealous for the moment. I'm having a little difficulty transferring my affection from the RENAULT Espace to the new car. I told Hubby that when I'm dead and gone he would have no problem loving another woman very quickly from the look of things.

Front View of House (we occupy the right side of the Arcade)

The house is prettier than I remember. All that wood and ceramic. And the view of the surrounding fields from every window in the house. Though one has to exchange the birds' singing for the pigeons' disgustingly loud and vulgar cooing (at one point I actually thought that there were people making love in the room we are going to keep our bikes in). And there are even more spiders than in Stuttgart. I'm going to look into the possibility of chemical warfare.

Where I park my car risks of pigeon shit

Left side of House

Tomorrow IKEA will be delivering the stuff we've bought from them. Already the Master of Works for the house was warning us about Ikea delivery men returning to rob. Anyway, once the whole moving and renovating is over and done with, we're going to change the locks. And until Thursday the house will be empty, so nothing to tempt them with.

4 commentaires:

su a dit…

Dear Beau!
Hope that u and the kids settle down quickly. Looking fwd to seeing the pictures. Btw, my son loves the toys. You take care.

One Wheel a dit…

wah hope you will enjoy your stay here like what you had in the previous cities, envy you ah!
Are the kids coping well with the change and move? Are you sending your eldest to singapore for the summer break?
Ciao :)

Priscilla Tews a dit…

Hey Serene! Great to hear from you! Cool, do post photos when u get your internet connection up k? When I take the U7 to school now, I still think of you staying at Heumaden! All the stuff u passed me, are still sitting in my freezer. Meeting up with the sgporeans tom, from germany, will think of you too. Help me give a hug and kiss to your lovely kids k? =)

Beau Lotus a dit…

Su, if we were both more organised I would have been able to pass on more toys to you. Just saw this car that also serves as a rocker among my boxes...

One Wheel, due to passport being expired, Eldest Son will not be able to return to Singapore as planned this Summer...

Pris, saw that you've met up with Mag & Co. Nice girls, aren't they? Hope to see you here, you can come help me pray away the spiders, wasps and ants...(not joking).