samedi, juillet 21, 2007

Beef with Ginger and Green Beans (Leftovers Part 2)

Beef with Ginger and Green Beans

I mentioned before that part of the joy of cooking was to transform leftovers into an edible meal or 2. So at noon today we had meal Nº 2 from Wednesday's Pho : Beef Sautéed with Ginger and Green Beans. From the leftover sliced raw beef for those who remembered.

Nothing spectacular, but quite satisfying nonetheless, fragrant ginger, garlic and onions, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, sherry etc.

On our guests' last evening with us, I made a Moroccan Couscous with lamb, chicken and chipolatas (no merguez, will have to find a North African grocery somehow). Not the kind of dish that you usually eat in a very hot Summer like the one we're having right now, but those who have lived in France are really so fond of this dish they'll eat it any time.

Well, we'll be sorry to see our guests leave, but maybe the next time they visit we'll have more time for them. We forgot to offer them towels etc, can you imagine that? The guest towels must be somewhere in the boxes still...

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