lundi, août 09, 2010

Happy 45th National Day, Singapore!

Honey Soy Ribs with Silken Tofu - think National Flag...

I am Singaporean; I will eat.

Not wearing red today since I couldn't squeeze into my red pants or skirt. Not waving my flag either since I couldn't find it in the clutter. Though last year, if you remember, I was alone in reciting the pledge out loud on the platform of Serangoon MRT station.

I have decided to do something more kitsch and arrange my lunch in such a way that it reminds me of the Singapore flag :

1) Honey and Soy Spare Ribs with Silken Tofu

2) Rebus on Mee with 6 quarters of hard boiled eggs like crescent moons. If I had fried tofu I would have made the 5 rising stars with them. If I didn't put anything it may look like Indonesia's flag instead :-)

Good things come in 3s (I'm still very superstitious), so Part 3 will be Tandoori Chicken with Basmati Rice for dinner tonight.

Happy 45th National Day, Singapore!!!

May the country remain properous and peaceful, may all Singaporeans live in harmony with one another, may we continue to take nothing for granted and work towards more democracy and progress (albeit with more grace) like we've set out to since 1965. Majullah Singapura!!!

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