mercredi, février 22, 2012

My Precious Heart

Baby Boy went on a school trip to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum yesterday.

His teacher had sent a note advising us to give our kids 25 rmb to buy a souvenir (optional). So I gave him 25 rmb, though I would find out later that many kids would have been given at least a hundred. That seemed a little too much for a school trip for Year 3s, but well.

I didn't want the boy to lose his cash and I didn't want him to come home with more junk. But it was a good occasion for him to practise managing his money.

BB : Mummy, I bought you something from the museum!

Me : That's sweet of you, baby.

BB : It costs 15 rmb. And I had only 10 rmb left so I bought a picture with wolves in it for my sister.

Me : I'm sure she'll love it. Very kind of you to have thought of her.

BB : I have no money left to buy anything for myself, but it's ok. I can share the picture with her.

Occasions like this one remind me why I adore this child. He is just so special in so many ways. He makes me so happy to be a mother, he makes it worth my while giving up so many of my youthful ambitions and dreams so that I could stay at home and look after him.

And I wish I had been more generous with the pocket money. I can be such a scrooge at times.

5 commentaires:

Edith a dit…

These are the moments you wish you have many kids. hahahhaa

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Edith, you mean many kids like that. Much as I love my 2 older kids no matter what, I wouldn't want to have too many kids like my eldest, for instance. I would die before my time of exasperation...

One Wheel a dit…

very sweet indeed. hope mine will grow up to be like that too :)

Yoong a dit…

Such a beautiful heart and mind your son has.

g8rbronco a dit…

I have had to recover health wise, I kind of splurged for my son recently, he said "Mommy, you shouldn't have done that in your condition." He is only 9! I love him - Thanks for sharing!