vendredi, février 03, 2012

Cooking/Baking with JW in Shanghai

JW making cheese scones (watched by my 2 pretty neighbours)

The cooking club I had helped found in Modena lives on in my absence. I miss my friends cooking, eating and gossiping without me, but I haven't found the energy nor the motivation to start another one here in Shanghai. Unless you consider the one or 2 private cooking sessions I've been having with my neighbours here, 2 ladies who are fond of la bonne bouffe like myself.

When JW came to stay with me, I took the opportunity to relive old times by organising a pasta-making session with J and F. Especially when LY so generously sent a jar of the precious squid ink over with JW.

And while waiting to start the hard work kneading, JW made us a batch of her famous cheese scones - a hit with the girls. Lovely with a glass of kir.

Risotto ai funghi porcini

I then demonstrated cooking a simple risotto ai funghi porcini followed by seafood pasta, and we ate everything up for lunch after that.

Seafood pasta

That was probably the beginning of a series of private cooking sessions that I would be doing with the girls. I am starting small as I have to do my own housework at the moment added to demands on my time at the children's school. I've also signed up for a mosaics workshop as well as a Chinese calligraphy class - all to start in a week or 2.

I am going to be busy - again.

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