jeudi, octobre 15, 2009

Risotto ai Funghi Porcini

Risotto ai Funghi Porcini

Risotto is less popular than Jasmine or Basmati Rice in this household. But this evening I was accused by everyone of being stingy with my portions. Though the kids are not too fond of mushrooms in general, the dried porcini added fragrance to the broth and we all know that when fresh porcini is in season, it is irresistible.

My version of Risotto ai Funghi Porcini contained :

olive oil
red onion
fresh funghi porcini
dried porcini and chicken broth
white wine
bay leaves
crème fraiche (optional)
freshly ground black pepper

Needless to say there was arborio rice, nicely coated in the fragrant oil and porcini mushrooms before being cooked in the chicken and dried porcini broth. The Italians eat their risotto al dente, so do not overcook the rice. Remove the pan from the fire when the rice is just cooked and where there is still liquid in it as the grains will continue to absorb the broth. I did not overcook the porcini mushrooms either, as they could also be eaten raw.

Risotto is always best eaten immediately. With a good serving of freshly grated parmesan cheese.

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petite fleur a dit…

URGH...Fresh cepe. Now that I miss very much. Your risotto looks & sounds very yummy !!