dimanche, octobre 25, 2009

Insomnic Fat Talk

I was wondering how I managed to gain as much as 17 Kgs since the Babies were born and not be able to do anything about it before. The thing is that until I look at myself in the mirror or actually try to wear my old clothes, I do not actually feel fat. I often see plump women in paintings or in the flesh and find them beautiful. Maybe if I had anorexic tendencies I wouldn't be here today telling you why I am fat but do not feel fat, and how I wish I have found the motivation to really do something about it instead of lamenting and then eating some more. Am I making any sense?

My son talked about his family in Italian class and apparently when asked to describe his mother in one sentence said that she liked to eat. He could have talked about her sense of humour or her good Singstar skills, but no, he had to mention that she liked to eat. Don't sacrifice your career for your children. They are more often than not ungrateful.

Pax Ardal

Talking about eating we went to Ikea this afternoon to buy a wardrobe and had lunch there. 43 euros for the most horrible meal in recent memory, we felt thoroughly cheated. In Paris, Singapore and Stuttgart, we often lunched at Ikea and the food was cheap and good. Why is it so horrible and expensive here in Italy? Probably because they added the label "Bio" to the food and imagine that you would feel less bad about paying for it even though it tasted absolutely like - nothing. And the 600-euro Pax Ardal wardrobe we lugged home fell apart as we were assembling it and could not be put back together again - like poor Humpty Dumpty. We will have to drive back to Ikea tomorrow and buy another one. You can imagine that I will have a bad night this night. And I have not even gone to bed yet.

Actually my current insomnia stems from indigestion. I ate 2 pizzas this evening (both with Funghi Porcini) when normally I could barely finish one. We dined out with the Koturs. My Bollywood Beauty is back in Modena with her 4 kids and we had a roaring time catching up. Then we had 2 Kgs of gelato at 10 in the evening. You bet I feel like Humpty Dumpty.

3 commentaires:

Muriel a dit…

Well i cannot wait for the gossip from Missy Bollywood!

You are so funny, how do you expect kids to give you anything back? They did not ask us to make them. Anything done to them should selfless, with the idea that you won't get anything in return!

You should pay more attention on HOW you feel, you will eat less ...

Beau Lotus a dit…

I bet you couldn't wait :-) But I don't ahem gossip.

How I feel? Why, I feel like eating, of course!

I certainly don't expect anything from those kids, though maybe some occasional loyalty wouldn't hurt. After all we're always told not to bite the hand that feeds us.

You here this hols?

One Wheel a dit…

Perhaps you can start asking the 2 babies what they will say if their teacher asks them to talk about what their mom likes to do :) If they answer the same as what eldest son, you can maybe correct them and said a better way to say is mother have a passion for food rather than like to eat :)