lundi, octobre 19, 2009

Diwali Treat

Sample of the Diwali Offering

I was on my way to Marylebone Station to catch a train to Bicester Village when Sh sent me an sms telling me to collect Diwali goodies from her son. It was a cold morning so the news were heart-warming, though I started to worry a little after that - because it wouldn't be another 2 days before I would return home and I feared that the goodies would have disappeared by then.

But they were still there when I reached home this afternoon. Hub and the kids had been too busy last weekend to eat all of them. If one hoped that the family would suffer boredom in one's absence, it would be quite futile. Because the Hub is quite good at ignoring the boring little chores in life and just concentrate on the bigger more pleasant things. The laundry was waiting for me when I arrived; the wash that I did before I left was still hanging outside; the children's homework still waited to be supervised; I've forgotten to ask if they've been washed. The ski trip was waiting for me to book it...I was spared the state of the kitchen though, thank God, since the cleaning lady arrived before me today.

But the kids had a good time with their father and he probably thinks that looking after children is easy peasy, one just needs to bring them to play golf, run in the park or visit friends who have children of the same age. Still, it is to my advantage that the weekend went well for them, hopefully this would mean more similar weekends for me in the near future.

Meanwhile the sweet and savoury titbits that Sh gave us were very good. I am especially fond of the murukku. Thank you so very much, Sh! It was really nice of you to have thought of sharing this special occasion with us through your food.

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