lundi, octobre 05, 2009

Black Angus Filetto all'Aceto Balsamico

Filetto all'aceto balsamico

Photos of food taken in the evening are never very appetizing. And the dim lighting in my kitchen (and in the house in general) doesn't help. But here's what I made for dinner last Friday : Black Angus Beef Filet in Balsamic Vinegar Sauce.

Grill the meat, remove from the pan and then set it aside. In the same pan (with leftover juices), prepare the sauce using some meat stock, diced carrots, onions etc and eventually the cheaper balsamic vinegar. Simmer till it's reduced. If the filet is not as thin as the ones I had, one can return the meat to the pot and cook it a little in the sauce before taking it out to be served with better balsamic vinegar. In my case, I just coated the meat quickly in the sauce and then served it with a dollop of the good balsamic vinegar on top. One can also use a good quality crema di aceto balsamico for a more consistent sauce.

I usually eat this when I go to a restaurant, either this or the grilled Fiorentina. To think that before I left Singapore, I almost never ate beef.

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