samedi, mai 31, 2008

Tauhu Goreng (Fried Tofu with Peanut Sauce)

Tauhu Goreng

On my last trip to Reggio (where I also found Zara and DPAM stores), I came back with 2 precious pieces of firm tofu and so decided this morning to make myself some Tauhu Goreng for lunch. For those not from our part of the world, this dish is basically made up of deep fried firm tofu (soy bean cake), cucumber, blanched bean sprouts and peanut sauce. Strictly vegetarian, if you wish.

My peanut sauce was done the way I like it, with :

crunchy peanut butter
palm sugar
red chillis
dark soy sauce
rice vinegar

Mixed Tempura

For the rest of the family, as they haven't acquired a taste for tofu, I felt obliged to make them something else. Since I had the fryer working, so Tempura with its dipping sauce it was to be. Made the usual mix of fresh prawns, button mushrooms, zucchini, aubergine, carrots, with the additional pleasure of zucchini flowers that we have not had for a few months now.

PS : If you want to have your Tempura Prawns long and straight like in the restaurants, you'll have to work a little harder and make cuts in the prawns to straighten them out.

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Anonyme a dit…

Aaah, tahu goreng! Comfort food that I savour and unfortunately has no one to share with. My hub thinks that it tastes like paneer which he's not well-acquainted. Babe, your dish looked very authentic :)

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Hi Su! You've not updated your blog recently? I've tried leaving comments before but it never worked.

Where got taste like paneer. I don't like paneer but I like tauhu goreng, or even more, tauhu telor!

Anonyme a dit…

Hi BeauLotus

I've never met you but I am an Australian cook in Modena, enjoying the Emelia Romagna food but missing the tastes and textures of Asia. I somehow surfed my way to your blog and you have been making my mouth water since.

I found the hard tofu in Modena! There is a tiny chinese shop on Via Della Pace, just off Via Emelia. They sell Chinese vegetables too.

Have you been to the Sri Lankan place in Spilamberto too?

Are you interested in comparing notes for Asian food in our region? I am keen to hear what else you know of.

If you are, write me a message on your blog or leave me a message at work 059 898418

Nicholas C

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Hi Nicolas!

I think I may have been to the small Chinese shop in Via della Pace once, but I haven't been to the Sri Lankan shop in Spilamberto, usually go to the one in Reggio. There's a small Indian shop opposite the Grand Emilia Mall, do you know it?

A cook, wow! And I have lots of respect for Australian cuisine, over the last decade your chefs have been doing great in fusion cooking. Quite a big change from the cold meat pies on my very 1st trip to Australia when I was a kid. :-)

Are you working in an Italian or Australian restaurant (is there one here)?

But I'm really just a housewife cooking daily for my family and a few friends occasionally, I doubt if I would know much of anything. Still, I'll call to say hello sometime if you wish. An Australian family arrived a few months ago at the school, you may wish to get to know your fellow countrymen.