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Bottega dei Vini, Verona

Bottega dei Vini, Verona

Hub has quite a number of Italians from different parts of Italy working for him and never failed to get them working part-time as Tourist Info when we wanted to do a bit of tourism in the country.

Our reliable source therefore led us to this nice restaurant and wine cellar known as the Bottega dei Vini. Established in 1890, it is said to house Verona's largest wine collection with 80,000 bottles. Well, we drank one of them when we were there and it was very good and expensive. One problem I guess when you are a Director is that your staff probably imagine that you only eat in high-end restaurants.

Our bottle of red wine

The restaurant is a little closely packed but interestingly decorated with empty wine bottles, caps and labels (framed). Service is a little steeper than in most restaurants (5 euros per head) but it was attentive and experienced and the bread better than usual.

They had a good offer of meat and fish dishes but for some reason we all went for meat - probably all the better to down it with a bottle of good red wine. Eldest Son and Baby Girl both had the Beef Capaccio (portions were generous) while Baby Boy and myself went for a yummy Pasta with Duck Ragout. Thus far I've never failed to order pasta in duck ragout whenever I see it and so far I've yet to be disappointed no matter where I've had it. I take it as a mark of a restaurant's sophistication that they could produce duck ragout to go with pasta.

Pasta with Duck Ragout

J had Polenta with Pancetta while the Hub had Polenta with Gongonzola and since I dislike polenta, pancetta and gongonzola I didn't attempt to taste their dish. I couldn't remember what M had though.

The most interesting dish was what followed though for the Hub and myself - Chateaubriand with Rosso Di Montalcino Sauce. The meat was super tender (reminded us of the Boeuf Ficelle at the famous Louchebem Restaurant at Les Halles in Paris) and the red wine sauce delicious. It cost a hefty 58 euros for 2 but was well worth the price. And it fed the kids too as they couldn't stay away from our meat.

The waiter preparing our Chateaubriand

They own a wine shop just next door and the wines in the shop cost 20% less than what the same ones in the restaurant do - not a fabulous reduction. Better to just drink them in the restaurant accompanied by the good food and the historical ambiance.

Bottega dei Vini
Via Scudo di Francia, 3
Tel : 045 800 4535

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