mercredi, mai 14, 2008

Fried Tofu with Golden Mushrooms and Crab Meat

Fried Tofu with Golden Mushrooms and Crab Meat

I love meat but it doesn't mean that I have to eat it all the time. Back home, I've often looked upon the occasional meal at the Buddhist Vegetarian restaurant near my parents' place as a big treat. But I happen to prefer Tofu and Asian vegetables like Chinese Spinach, Shitake and other Asian Mushrooms, Kang Kong, Shanghai Cabbage, Sweet Potato leaves, Tou Miao etc etc that of course I cannot find here, so I usually just skip the veg. Not very healthy, I know.

Last week I went to Reggio Emilia with E and bought 2 pieces of Tofu (nobody else in the family likes it) for myself. I was so happy when the Hub announced that he wouldn't be home for dinner on Monday as that meant that I could eat my own stuff! Made Fried Tofu with Golden Mushrooms (from last precious can) and Crab Meat - absolutely satisfying. Though as usual photo and presentation sucked.

Fresh Hard Tofu (for deep frying)
Fresh or Canned Golden Mushrooms
Fresh or Canned Crab Meat
Sesame Oil
Light Soy Sauce
Oyster Sauce
Chicken Stock (just enough to make a sauce)
Corn Starch

Deep fry the tofu and set aside. In a sauce pan heat up some sesame oil and brown the finely sliced garlic and ginger till fragrant. Mix the rest of the ingredients in a small bowl and pour the mixture into the pan.

Add in the golden mushrooms and simmer till the sauce thickens.

Arrange the fried tofu on a plate. Remove the golden mushrooms from the sauce pan and place them on top of the tofu. Arrange the cooked crab meat on top of the mushrooms. Pour the hot sauce onto the whole thing. Sprinkle some freshly ground pepper over the dish.

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petite fleur a dit…

This sounds really good but alamak where to get the ingredients. They only sell soft tofu here (even if it's in a packet) & I'd like to know how you manage to get golden mushrooms......

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

I'm surprised that you don't get the hard tofu as that's usually what the Chinese shops sell because they can make it themselves. Cheaper than importing soft tofu usually made in Singapore.

The next time you go to Paris, try the Chinese shops there and if all things fail, there's a tofu shop near Belleville (if I remember correctly) and they make all sorts of tofu themselves.

The golden mushrooms I bought in a can when I was still living in Stuttgart. None left now boo hoo hoo.