mercredi, mai 09, 2007

Rose-flavoured Coconut Sago

Rose-flavoured Coconut Sago
Today was quite an eventful day though it rained, rained and rained. I was hoping that we would be able to eat out in the courtyard when Loon, Rai and Pris come for lunch, but of course it was quite hopeless. Thank God I didn't invite like a dozen folks, it wasn't easy sitting more than 5 or 6 adults in the living room. And of course Baby Boy had to spill half of his Mango Lassi on the dining sofa and grill at least one place for the meal.

I went to Ganesha to tahpow lunch as planned. Beef Curry, Ceylon Chicken Curry, Paruppu Curry, Aloo Bengen and Lamb Korma. It was a pleasure to see everyone enjoying the curries, at least I wasn't left with the feeling that I've been mistaken in my recommendations. Loon's German friend Rai was a revelation, he could speak very good English and even Chinese, and best of all, ate the curries with much gusto, in fact, I suspect that you can place anything in front of him and he would have no qualms about trying it. Aiyoh, so super unlike me.

It is always a pleasure meeting Singaporeans (in Loon's case, an assimilated Penang boy who has become very much like "us" :-)) and any folks who are ready to like us. Such a change from all those self-righteous guys who when they hear where you come from (i.e. Singapore), they would start to attack you on your country's politics, chewing gum policy, capital punishment and whatsoever. When I was younger I would get very defensive and worked up over it, but nowadays, when I meet bigots like that, I tell myself that they have the right to free speech and mine tells them to shut their trap and go fly kite.

Always wonderful meeting Pris, and relieved to be able to pass on a laksa branch to her and hopefully save the poor plant from extinction. I've been watering my dead main plant to further death and so far it doesn't look inclined to resuscitate.

Before I forget, I said eventful at the beginning of this piece because I finally went to BETA in Wangen. Parked just opposite at the OBI carpark, but of course had to walk a big round as between BETA and OBI there were U-Bahn tracks. The kind that you cannot cross on foot unless you are in a hurry to go to Hell.

My, it's big for an Asienladen in Stuttgart. And pretty well-stocked too. Prices are also generally lower than in the other shops. I was delighted to see frozen Har Kows, Char Siu Buns and Made-in-Paris Vietnamese Nems. In my current too-lazy-to-cook mood, these are just perfect. And why the hell do I have to discover it just when I am leaving Stuttgart?
Rose Kueh

Though I should mention that if you wish to support small businesses, there is this German guy operating an Asienladen out of his garage in Nürtingen (Thai-Shop, Wilhemstrasse 2, 72622 Nürtingen) and his range and prices are also very good (many items are cheaper than even BETA). I usually go there to buy Indomie Mee Goreng instant noodles by the box and also his home-made Rose Kueh (probably has an Asian wife).

I've said the other day that I would make a dessert for today and so I did. Pris had liked my coconut sago the last time she was here, so I've decided to make another batch, only varying the pleasure a little this time around by adding in Rose Syrup (Bandung inspiration), Jelly Strips and Glutinous Rice Balls. I served it cold and it may be an idea the next time around to cook the rice balls and add them to the cold dessert just before serving. Or they would harden too much.

And once again, adios to the diet.

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umami a dit…

Your body is telling you it needs to train for Bologna- pizza, pasta, cannoli, olive oil, gorgonzola etc etc hehe!

Beau Lotus a dit…

Umami, haven't updated on Italy yet, but we'll be moving to around Modena and putting the kids in the International School there. Will be even nearer to the Balsamic vinegar, parma ham, parmesan cheese etc :-). Hubby will be visiting 4 houses tomorrow, crossing fingers that we'll find something suitable.

Priscilla Tews a dit…

Hi dear Serene! I wished my hubby for u already. Thanks for the lovely time at your place as usual - n yummylicious food! I ate so much, ahhh. and really would love to meet up with u before u leave! I´m free most days 2 weeks from now (eg. 23May to 25May). Can help u babysit and pack too hahah. No prob abt the ride home, we got stuck in traffic jam so took abt 1hr - which wld have been faster by train, but it was nice talking to the guys too. =)

Beau Lotus a dit…

Ah Pris, those guys are interesting, aren't they?

BTW I was in Metzingen today and got myself quite a number of stuff from Boss and Polo. Maybe tomorrow I'll go again as I saw a guy walking off with tonnes of ties at Boss, like no need money like that, maybe got promo. Maybe will bump into you there...

23-25/05 I'll be around, I normally leave on the 26th for 2 weeks in Italy.

Good luck for your exams next week.

Priscilla Tews a dit…

Hey Serene, yup the guys are interesting. Ray more out-spoken, I had a hard time hearing what Loon was saying (cos they were sitting in front of the car and voice projection a bit bad). Were u in Metzingen on fri? Its SOSOOOOO good! Ahh, I know why u go there so often. Got myself a pair of Sketchers shoes (23€), Esprit top (13€), Levi´s jeans (20€), Esprit bikini (12€). Had to control my spending, my frens were goin broke too haha. Ok! We meet anytime btw 23 to 25May then! I haf a short appt on 24th (arbeitsamt), other than that, i´m free!

Priscilla Tews a dit…
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su a dit…

Hi Serene!

Happy MOthers' Day!!
Nurtingen is not far frm my place. Thought I dropby at the Thai Shop...but saw frm that the address is at Ramseck. Can u give me more directions?
Hope I'll get to meet u b4 u leave.

OD a dit…

Rai and Loon wishing Serene
Happy Mothers Day !

Beau Lotus a dit…

Happy Mother's Day to Umami and Su too!

Pris ah, I am so glad that you found enough to buy at Metzingen, I love that place man. On Fri I was only at Boss though, bought a Polo shirt each for my father and brother, one T-shirt, swimming trunks and 3 ties for Hubby there.

As for Su, the shop is at Nürtingen itself, the owner's name is Oswald, I think. The address is correct as I put it in my GPS and it always leads me there. If you still cannot find it then I must try to drive you there one morning before I leave.

Dutchess a dit…

Oh, I could just stick my nose into your coconut sago dessert right now.

I can't believe you can buy rose kueh at your side! Where did his wife get the metal mould from? This is on my to buy list when we visit Singapore. I love that kueh so much!