vendredi, mai 04, 2007

Cream of Garlic Soup

Tiff came over with Baby Girl's fiancé Nicola yesterday so that they could play together. I tried to make lunch quickly (though with 4 kids screaming around it felt like forever) and came out with a Cream of Garlic Soup followed by Pork Schnitzel with Potato Purée and Spaghetti in Creamy Pepper Sauce. I bought a few slices of Apple Tart and Strawberry Cake from 2 Backeries in Sillenbuch for Tea.

The soup was good. 10 big cloves of garlic cooked quickly in salted butter. Button Mushrooms. Chicken Stock. Thyme. Crème fraîche. Milk. A touch of Olive Oil. Spring Onions.

That's for the more watery version. For a thicker and creamier version, you'll have to make a Bechamel (butter, flour and milk) and stir it into the garlic butter stock. Can even whip up some unsweetened cream and add it on top of the soup just before you serve it (like Viennese chocolate or coffee).

For a better consistency, one can also mix the soup and pass it through a sieve before serving it.

Potato Purée

The Le Clercqs left in the afternoon and I started on a mad round of sending Eldest Son to his Shrink, taking a shower, getting dinner ready, going through said Boy's homework - and driving into town to attend a Parents' Night Out. We had dinner in an Italian restaurant La Piazza near the Stadtbücherei. Food's so-so and as I turned up late, I had the last seat at the end of the long table. With a group of mothers I do not know and who spoke German among themselves. I ended up standing the whole time I was there.

I ordered a Weinshorle (weiss und süss) and a
spaghetti aglio e olio (yes, I've been eating that alot lately - I'm in my garlic phase) for a grand total of 8,30 Euros - not bad for a dinner al fresco. Didn't want to stay too long as I've left the kids alone at home. The last time I did that, blood flowed etc. Ce sont des enfants terribles.

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