vendredi, mai 18, 2007

J's Here to Visit!

Stuttgart is one of those places where if you happen not to be passing through, you wouldn't usually consider it for a holiday destination. As such, in our nearly 2 years here, we have not seen much of our friends, unlike for Italy where even before we're there, people are already telling us that they'll be visiting soon...:-)

But my dear friend J from Kansas City (and living in Paris) is one of those people who make an effort to visit friends wherever they may be. So last Friday saw her making her way to our humble abode with her son (their 2nd visit in a year) and we were of course all excited about it.

Cooking for her son M has always been a pleasure and motivation as the young man is a connoisseur of good food and has an excellent appetite. So I've decided to start the day with Melon and Parma Ham, followed by a Chili con Carne.

Chili con Carne with Taco Shell

Then as the sun finally returned after a week of rain and wind, we made our way to Stuttgart Mitte to have cake as the children play in the playground.

That evening, we had a Vietnamese Beef Salad with Pork Nems (bought them frozen this time around. They were imported from Paris) on a bed of rice vermicelli. And followed the 8pm French News with interest as the new President unveiled his new Government.

Vietnamese Beef Salad with Pork Nems

J and M left at noon on Sunday. We sent them off with a brunch. BBQ chicken wings, cereal with milk, eggs sunny-side up, bacon, baked beans, leftover chow mein, ham, fresh fruit salad etc.

Part of the Brunch Spread

It was great seeing a good friend from Paris, someone with whom one can chat freely till late in the night...I've missed that, so hopefully they'll visit us in Italy and stay a little longer the next time!