mardi, avril 17, 2007


Hubby was keen to bring me to this restaurant in Modena where he dined in recently with an Italian colleague. One good thing about being married is sharing almost everything with your chosen half. Which probably explained why he has put on as much weight as I had over the past few years (though how he managed that without getting pregnant remains quite a mystery).

The restaurant Zelmira is situated in a small and quiet street in Modena, with a little open space and a fountain just in front of it. It was 25ºC that afternoon and we were thus able to lunch outside. The tables were nicely dressed (quite chic) with vertical vases (quite an idea) just perfect for soft-stemmed cut flowers.

The menu was quite limited, but Hubby assured me that the quality of whatever they had was excellent and quite worth a try. After we had ordered, a few amuse-bouches were offered to us to help whet our appetite as we waited. We shared two starters (one of which was White Truffle-filled Black Squid Ink Ravioles) and each ordered the same Angus Beef with Balsamic Vinegar (we were in Modena after all) main course. The children shared a house specialty starter - Fried Nest of Small Pasta with Beef Ragu Sauce - and that was followed by an Angus Beef Kebab. Accompanied by the usual plate of oven-roasted potatoes. The meat was tender and the sauce delicious. I seriously must start working on my balsamic vinegar sauce.

This time we kept some stomach room for dessert. Hubby had a Honey Soufflé with Whipped Cream and Caramel while I had Puff Pastry filled with Crème Patissière and served with Berries. Eldest Son had Vanilla Ice Cream drowned in Coffee and was really excited about being allowed to have coffee so directly.

Restaurants in Modena are in general quite expensive though. Good to bear in mind that you can eat just as well for less in the little towns all over the region, though you may not get to enjoy the rustic city charm of Modena as you consume your meal.

P.tta San Giacomo 17
Tel : 00 39 59 222351

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