samedi, avril 21, 2007

Happy Wedding Anniversary

You would think that it's a Saturday and it's our Wedding Anniversary (the one at the Townhall - the ROM, for Singaporeans) and we would be making an event out of it. But alas the first thing he said when he finally got out of bed this morning was,
"I need to call F. James. We have to discuss the coming Team Building..."

Then we sent Eldest Son to his football match, went to town for lunch and when I reminded him that it was our wedding anniversary, he made a detour to Eppli (the Auction House that sells both old and new stuff) and got me a little something. It would have been better if he had thought of it himself etc, but well, what to do? I didn't marry the Postman, as he liked to tell me.

He got me a simple pair of Cultured Round Tahiti Pearl Dangling Earrings with a tiny Diamond each. Set in 18K White Gold.

New (so no need to add the usual 20% to the price tag). Tahiti pearls tend to be big (average = 11mm) and anything from grey to black, so I'm quite pleased to find a pair that are small (7 mm?) and of a grey colour with nice lustre that is quite pleasant to the eye. The pearls are round and smooth. Pity that Eppli doesn't provide detailed gradings (e.g. colour, shape, size, lustre etc - for some basic education, this site in French is pretty good : Must say that I've never understood why they have to be so expensive though. A pair of grey Chinese cultured pearls would cost at least 6-10 times less.

Anyway, now I'll have to look for a matching ring and pendant.

To tell the truth, I can live without all that stuff. I almost never put them on anyway. But since Hubby is working so hard and I'm stuck at home looking after the kids (and doing nothing important), I look upon the jewellery as a symbolic materialistic compensation for the situation. Better I spend the money than someone else, n'est-ce pas?

I didn't get him anything, as I do that almost every other day and he does have almost everything he would need. I wouldn't even need to offer him rather popular contemporary gifts like adrenaline-filled hours in a Ferrari since he would be able to procure himself that. Though I could eventually sign him up for a boat navigating course if we have time to spare in Brittany. Or Ski Paragliding the next time we ski. We could also get him a leather jacket (through the Italian luxury leather connection) and a pair of branded sunglasses (he'll have to try them on and we would need time for that) in the next few months. I guess that since I do not work nor do I get any housekeeping money, buying him an expensive present using his own money is kind of ridiculous.

When we got home, he went on Skype and continued talking with Mr. James. Till past 9pm. I got so fed up (having to eat dinner late again, will end up farting the whole night - pardon the explicitness) I left my dinner preparations (for Sweet and Sour Codfish) and went to pick out toys from the children's stockpile to give away. Now that we're moving soon I am taking the opportunity to give away clothes, shoes, toys etc etc.

He ended up having to finish preparing dinner where I left off when he finished his call. Voilà that's our wedding anniversary for you. So damn laofu laoqi*.
*"Old couple" in Mandarin.
PS : The picture is not fabulous, but one can see the jewellery. This inspired me to replace the picture of the ruby ring I got a few months back (check said post in November 2006 if interested).

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Rani a dit…

Happy anniversary, beaulotus!

Magdeline & Juergen a dit…

Happy wedding anniversary to both of you too :-)

Beau Lotus a dit…

Hi Rani, have not talked to you for ages. How was your trip to the Americas? And still only one child?

Mag, thanks for the wishes. I'll contact you via email, may do a thing at my place just before I leave - to say goodbye.

Dutchess a dit…

Happy Anniversary to you! That's a lovely pair of earrings you got there. Seems we both got pearls this year. hehe...

One Wheel a dit…

welcome back from your holidays and happy anniversary! i like your postman and bob the builder quotes :)

Beau Lotus a dit…

Dutchess, I was thinking that we're both not very smart. People buy Tahiti and South Sea pearls because they usually come in big (min 7-8mm). But we prefer them small. In which case, should save money and just go for the cheaper alternatives.

BTW, I also got myself a string of 7-7.5mm Akoya saltwater white pearls. Like a sign from God, just after I told you that I would like to have that, I came across a Golay (from Switzerland) private sale and there it was waiting for me to buy it.

Dutchess a dit…

Sometimes (in this case pearls) it's quality over quantity. I did try the bigger ones but I looked so silly in them since I have a small neck. Besides they make me look old too. Cannot!!!!

Congrats on your Akoya pearls. What a stroke of luck for you.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Hubby probably would not agree (about it being a stroke of luck). I haven't told him about it yet.

Anyway, 7.5mm is a bit too big for my taste too, but I'm thinking longer term, soon I'll be 35, I won't be getting younger, so I imagine that I'll be liking bigger pearls in no time (dafang looking).

Actually, the truth is that I was thinking Akoya, I saw Akoya and I bought Akoya.