mardi, avril 17, 2007

Lunch at Locherboden, Austria

On our way back to Stuttgart from Maranello, we had to drive through Austria. At one point, at just past 6pm, Baby Girl wanted to go to the toilet. So we made a toilet stop at this restaurant along the way. I had to clean up Baby Boy too as that idiot had actually peed in his car seat.

We ended up having dinner at the restaurant as the view was really wonderful and there was a little playground (slide, swing...) for the kids.

View from our Table

As I sat looking around me, I marveled at the way things were so often clean, neat and organised in the German-speaking countries. You feel safe for yourself and especially for your kids. They have a low birthrate, but it doesn't stop them for making room for children (baby chairs, playground, kids' menus...) almost everywhere. You only face difficulty when you try to rent a house or book a hotel room and they tell you "No dogs and children allowed". And that's why they have excellent Family Hotels because people with family need to stay in structures adapted to receiving them properly. Not stupid, those Germans. Very square.

Of course do not expect miracles with the food. Though we were pleasantly surprised with the Cream of Garlic Soup I ordered (I love garlic), it was excellent. Very creamy, very garlicky, simply delicious. The Steak with Pepper Sauce that Hubby ordered was so-so, as was my Spareribs. But the portions were huge and the price reasonable and the view and setting really made it worth the stop. The children had the famous Austrian Schnitzel (breaded pork escalope) with Fries. I don't think that they cared what they were eating, they just wanted to go and play.

Can't remember the name of the restaurant though. As usual, I've left the bill on the table after I paid up. But it's in Locherboden after you take the exit Nº 113 (Mötz-Reutte-Fernpass) at the highway on your way to Germany from Italy.

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