lundi, avril 30, 2007

More Playgrounds in Stuttgart

Where we live there are at least 4 playgrounds round the corner and every one of them is different and interesting in their own way. Last week I've made an effort and brought the kids to 3 different ones and I said effort as that's not really my kind of thing, hanging around playgrounds. It would have been better if I could strip and suntan, or if I had more literature with me, but I ran out of it and it was a pain staring in the empty air in front of me for 4 long hours.

The last playground we went to was a little further from our house though. It was in Stuttgart Mitte just before Charlottenplatz and it was really nice. Like an oasis in the middle of a noisy city, it is surrounded by pedestrian streets and low-rise housing. The highlight was this water thingy they had that occupied the kids literally for hours. And there's a bistrot on one side of the playground and a café on the other, so if there's nothing else to do one can at least eat and drink.

Discovered it when Tiff arranged to have breakfast with Maria and myself in the café there last Thursday. Sigh, I'll miss breakfast with my girlfriends when I leave Stuttgart.

And if you come by car, try to park in the street where there is the Edeka supermarket and Kamps Bäckerei (next to the U-Bahn stop "Olgaeck"). It's 50 cents for the hour and free after 2pm on Saturdays.

I marvel quite often nowadays over the fact that in spite of the low birthrates, they have such excellent playgrounds almost everywhere here in Stuttgart. Trying to encourage the Germans to have more babies this way?

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