lundi, janvier 15, 2007

Sale Sale Sale!!!

January and July are two of my favourite months. I am at my most motivated and active in those months. There's nothing like a good Sale/ Soldes/ Saldi/ Rebajas/ Schlussverkauf to keep the adrenaline going, give meaning to life etc.

When I was living in Singapore, I used to consecrate a day or two to 8-hours-at-a-stretch Sale outings during THE Season. I would start at Palais Renaissance and finish at Plaza Singapura. And another day or two for the different neighbourhood malls. By the end of THE Season, I would more or less be able to look at whatever someone was wearing and guess where she had gotten her stuff from. And I wasn't rich. But window shopping needs no purse, just some stamina and lots of spirit. It's a free and healthy sport.

I sometimes wonder if I really needed to buy anything at all. I have to admit that the joy lies more in having fun trying on all sorts of clothes and accessories, and in finding a really good bargain. It's the Hunt. I almost never buy anything that is not on Sale. And pretty often I would discover (yet again) that I have no room in my wardrobe for more and would end up giving stuff away. Like this weekend. Invited 2 friends over and distributed some of the stuff. But the rest (some new and never worn) I usually just put them into the old-clothes box one finds here and there in the neighbourhood. Am trying to convince myself that I'm doing my little bit for charity this way.

Ever since I have a Hubby and a few kids, shopping has become even more wonderful and fun. Now I enlarge my repertoire and get to shop in the Men's and Kids' Departments. I have the excuse to spend more money, decide what they wear. It is like my paper dolls come to life. Of course as Hubby pointed out often enough, the problem is that I buy so much the children often do not really have the opportunity to wear their clothes/shoes more than a few times, if at all. And I tend to hide them so well (as I also tend to buy for like a season or 2 in advance) I often forget that I even have them and then it would be too late and they couldn't even wear them at all.

Then my sister has children. Also 3. And I can pass on some of the nicer clothes to my nieces and nephew :-).

Now my best friend just got pregnant :-) ;-). This is getting really interesting.

Actually outside Sale Season I also shop alot. If you think about it, I'm like Singapore, evergreen and equatorial, I buy all year round. I am a member of several Private Sales (vente privée) websites in France. It has become a career, if you wish. I like to say that both Hubby and myself we are Buyers. He spends his company's money and I spend his.

This Season I started out in Stuttgart City centre, chez Zara, Mango, Esprit, Oasis, H&M, the usual. Not too bad, there were not many shops, but there were not many shoppers either, so there were often still sizes etc up for grabs.

What is really exciting about Stuttgart though is the existence of Metzingen. More precisely, of Designer Factory outlets in Metzingen. A few years ago when Hubby first visited Metzingen, there was more or less only the Hugo Boss Factory Outlet in the town. A few years down the road, other brands have sprouted up like mushrooms around the historical Boss outlet and carloads of tourists turn up at 10 sharp every morning to hunt for bargains in the different shops : Polo Ralph Lauren, Esprit, Burberry, Nike, Hugo Boss, Bally, Puma, Escada, Marc O'Polo, Möve, name but a few.

Metzingen's just 40 minutes by car from where I live. The only problem is that I do not have much time to myself everyday, so last week I actually went to shop there 4 mornings in a row (Wed - Sat), each time having only 2 hours to do so. And I'm still not done yet! I'll return next week when Hubby's in Mexico and I get the use of the car. I've stupidly given away two down jackets before I have bought a new one and we're still in the middle of winter...

Well, I am left with one Summer Sale before we leave for Italy. But Italy is second in Europe for Designer Outlet shopping (after the UK and just before France) and we'll be living 2 hours away from Milan. It looks promising for the continuation of my shopping career. Hooray!

But one thing I miss about shopping here in Europe is the lack of a decent place to lunch in. In Singapore, we would have been spoilt for choice. When I think of the lousy bakery between Esprit and Polo in Metzingen or McDonald's in the MacArthur Glen in Troyes...If only they knew how much more rewarding shopping would be if we could have something delicious to snack on in between digging through the clothes. Which is why I think I'll bring along my own foie gras sandwiches next week.

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last frontier a dit…

you are a shopaholic !!!! I hate, as most of men do, shopping ! It's boring and anoying ! When I need some clothes I buy them only in soldes and I buy them in one or two hours maximum. I can't stand spending 2 days shopping ! I prefer to do some cycling outdoor! It's much more relaxing and healthier to your body and to your wallet...

Beau Lotus a dit…

Sergio, to each his/her sport :-).

Spending money can be very good therapy, my husband actually likes it when I relax and stop being so tight-fisted once in a while.

And I only buy during soldes too, just that I'm so good at finding them I get to shop all year round (haha).

But you are right to stick to the cycling, which is why you are so strong, healthy and handsome and I wish sometimes my name is Sandra (long standing joke for those not in the know). (wink)