lundi, janvier 22, 2007

Recent Eats

Hubby has been away quite a bit lately. And when he's not around I like to help myself to my simple Asian stuff, no need to put on the European Gourmet Act. Tomorrow he leaves for the week, so we'll be having rice porridge week-long with all kinds of different dishes (e.g. pork with black bean sauce, sambal prawns etc). The last time he was away, we had some of the following :

Char Siu Puffs (made the char siu myself but not the puff pastry)

Lemon Chicken

Pork Rib Udon Soup

with its garnishing

Cod Fish in Thai Green Curry (the filets were lightly battered)

Potato and Dal Curry (served with Dosai)

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The Dutchess a dit…

What a coincidence, we lived on rice porridge too for most of the week since my husband was away. I made a pot of 'Lor Ak' (Braised Duck,Teochew style) and it sustained us for 3 days until my son got fed up and wanted 'proper' food. LOL.