samedi, janvier 13, 2007

Conversation Between Two Babies

Overheard yesterday (in French) :

4 year old girl : "What is wrong with you baby cat?"

2 1/2 year old boy : "The doctor poked me with a needle..."

G : "Does it hurt, baby cat?"

B : "Of course. Miao..."

G : "OK, let's kill the doctor."

B : "With a pistol?"

5 commentaires:

One Wheel a dit…

so cute :) when did Armaud start to speak proper sentence?

Beau Lotus a dit…

Actually he started speaking quite properly a few months ago. He is even quite creative with his language. I think it helps to have 2 older siblings.

The Galoisian Radical a dit…

How did she say "what is wrong with you"? Did she use a "ca va" expression?

(just linguistically curious)

Beau Lotus a dit…

To be a little more exact, la conversation s'est déroulée plus ou moins comme ça:

Fille : "Tu vas bien petit chat?"

Garçon : "Non, le Docteur m'a picqué..."

F : "Ça t'a fait mal, petit chat?"

G : "Oui...Miaou!"

F : "OK, on va le tuer, le Docteur!"

G : "Avec un pistolet?"

The Galoisian Radical a dit…

One of these days I feel like going to a French kindergarten. I want to watch Blue's Clues in French just to approach the language from a child's point of view.

That to me, is how to master a language.

But anyway ... indeed, that is quite an adorable (admirable? but so violent one) exchange for children their age. But then sometimes we underestimate children's natural talent with grammar and language, eh, one wheel? :p

(My own thoughts: Wah, two and a half years and passé composé, object pronouns and topic-prominent grammar structure awreddy!)