mercredi, janvier 17, 2007

Bistro Steak

It is not easy finding good beef for steak in Stuttgart. Beef usually comes in three basic forms : for steak (often badly cut), chopped or for goulash. They do not know how to cut up the carcass into lovely and distinct parts like the ribs (côte de boeuf), cheeks (joue), faux filet, entrecôte, bavette, rumpsteak, onglet etc etc. And when you found some supermarket selling entrecôte, it turned out to be the type of meat that gave out a lot of water when you started to cook it and that could never be grilled. And a few other French mothers here have told me the same thing, we were getting quite resigned to the whole thing.

Then I saw this big piece of vacuum-packed beef in the REWE supermarket near my house. From Brazil. I bought it, sliced it myself and grilled it and it was really quite delicious. I ignore if it contained any hormones, but it didn't give out water when cooked and was really quite tender and beggars can't be choosers so I'll live with the doubt.

We eat our steak rare. So basically just a few thick slices, and maximum 5 minutes on each side on a really hot grill, some olive oil, salt, pepper, Herbes de Provence.
I've also done a Roast Beef with the meat, most recently feeding 6 adults and 6 children with it. I heated up my porcelaine receptacle in the oven with some olive oil inside catching my meat on it as I put it into the oven. 20 minutes for a nicely rare Roast. It is true that the blood below the slices of beef looked a little gross in the picture, but it was great mixed with the red wine and shallot sauce that Hubby made to go with the roast. I served the meat with sauteed mushrooms, green beans and fried potatoes.

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