lundi, janvier 08, 2007

Quick Fixes

Between Christmas and the New Year, we've had family over so alot of time had been spent cooking and eating. And in between more elaborate meals, we had to admit that it was quite humanly impossible to binge on 3 to 4-course meals twice a day every day, that we would have to go for simpler fare at times, better, some fasting here and there wherever possible.

I had therefore concocted the occasional one-dish meal :

Spaghetti al arrabbiata (basically olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, red peppers, chilli...) with an egg for some protein

Cod Fish and Prawn Curry Ceylon-style (highlight = curry leaves, star anis, lime juice, coconut milk...) with toasts for dipping (would have binged out on prata but didn't feel like sharing my frozen stock)

Vietnamese Meat and Vegetable Nems with a sweet chilli dip (from McDonalds, ha ha)

Bacon, Potato and Cheese Soup with Rotewurst (grilled sausage)

And the usual Sweet and Sour Chicken, Stingray in Lemon-Butter Sauce, Leek and Potato Soup, Tomato Soup etc.

Actually, if you ask me, I'm just quite happy with lots of rice or bread and a bit of curry or sambal chilli sauce. No need to eat fish or meat. But so fat must cut down on carbo...sob sob.

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