lundi, décembre 13, 2010

Red Bean Soup (Hong Dou Tang)

Red Bean Soup with Coconut Cream

Digging through the pantry, throwing food out, giving food away and trying to eat everything up before we leave is currently the story of my life. Found a bag of red beans and voilà a pot of Red Bean Soup with Coconut Cream for my enjoyment! I said "my" because nobody else in the family likes it. Though they ought to since we'll be eating quite a bit of that in China soon.

I like to eat my red bean soup with the beans soft but still whole so I didn't mash them up. But I made sure to boil them with pandan (screwpine) leaves and finally sweetened them with cane sugar. Ate it hot with a spoon of coconut cream - yummy!

2 commentaires:

An a dit…

Yum! One of my favorites! I have never tried it with coconut cream (or pandan) but that sounds so delicious. My grandfather used to cook the red beans till it got all thick and paste-like (yes, he would mash the beans), then cool it down, and before eating would mix a few spoons of the paste with a little milk. It was so good!

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

That's the usual way to do it, but I'm lazy and I like my beans whole, so that's the way I do mine.

Pandan leaves and coconut milk are important ingredients in S.E. Asian desserts, I wouldn't be able to eat an Asian dessert without them!