lundi, décembre 13, 2010

Natale Bimbi 2010

Kids' last Natale Bimbi at Ferrari

You realise that time really flies when you attended Ferrari's Natale Bimbi or Children's Christmas for the 4th and last time. And to mark the occasion, we turned up first at the party - just before Domenicali and his kids - for once. We were late every time in the last 3 editions of the festa.

For a change, they've decided to hold the party within Ferrari and not in the Fiorano tracks like they used to. This meant that Hub could drive into the company and park in his usual parking place - cutting the mother of all queues building up outside the gates. It was very cold outside so we definitely appreciated that.

The F1 Pilots in Santa Uniform

Baby Boy and his friend Fede

It was the usual free-flow popcorn, candy floss, hot chocolate and pandoro, we had tickets for a few games and then the rides were also free. This year we were spared the need to run out if they should hold the Telethon when we're there (for those who are new to this, they hostage the kids with the F1 drivers this time of the year so that they could appear on National TV to appeal for charity donations) as we turned up for the afternoon session and the Telethon was held in the morning. Appearing on Italian national television does not appeal to us since we have no relatives to watch us on it.

The kids had a great time especially on the bouncy castle - almost impossible to get them out of it. I bumped into KF, LS, CF and a number of other ladies from the school and out of it so there was never a dull moment. After the amusement park, we took a little train that brought us to a creche with live reindeer where the kids were offered a stocking filled with Kinder chocolates. Then the train brought us to the canteen where the children were each given a present for Christmas.

Families collecting presents for their children (until age 10)

Creche with real reindeer

The Ferrari Christmas Tree

Voilà the last magical Ferrari Children's Christmas for us. A good way to end our stay in Modena, don't you think so?

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Pris a dit…

Awesome tree! How do you feel about leaving Modena? And your hubby about Ferrari?

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Answer to both questions = happy.