mercredi, février 28, 2007

Rice Man, Stuttgart Mitte

I am in general very disappointed with the Chinese restaurants that I've been to in Stuttgart. Most of them are owned by Chinese who came from regions in China definitely not known for their culinary finesse. But Rice Man in Stuttgart, if you head upstairs (skipping the horrible buffet at the entrance) and order à la carte, could be reasonably edible. They claim to serve authentic Cantonese cuisine. I beg to differ, but at least this effort to differentiate somehow bore fruit and I would recommend the restaurant to those who desperately seek to eat Chinese in town.

I have tried a number of dishes and find their Egg Noodle Soups (8,50 - 9,50 Euros) quite tasty, probably helped by the fact that their noodles are hand-made. Their Cantonese Roast Duck (11,50 Euros per serving) is also quite good and the portions are usually generous. I didn't enjoy their Mixed Meat and Vegetables Horfun (seafood frozen and not fresh), but the Beef Horfun was not too bad. The beef was tender and the sauce not too thick. Their Kangkong was OK, but very expensive (I think around 11 Euros) and their Tim Sum sucked.

I saw that they have exotic dishes like Pig's Blood and Intestines, but have yet to try any of them. The next time I'll try a few classics like Seafood and Tofu Pot, Mahpo Tofu and Fried Garlic Prawns...

On a good day, they'll serve you a bowl of Coconut Sago as you pay the bill. That is refreshing and which reminds me that I haven't been making this for sometime now and should consider doing so soon.

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Priscilla Tews a dit…

Dear Serene
Hey I read yr past entries and also about yr ski holiday. Hey, You´re doing GREAT as a Mom, don´t let yourself think otherwise. Honestly, I think its tough being a "sole" parent when your other half is travelling and from what it seems, travelling pretty often. My dad was often on business trips and I remember how my mom dreaded those times - even though we had a maid in Singapore. You´re doing your best at being a Mom, with all the changes that your family has to go through whenever u have to move to different environment, resettle, new schs, new friends etc. Said a prayer for you and your family and children. Let´s meet up on Wed ok? My german class has ended, but we can meet anywhere convenient for u.

Magdeline & Juergen a dit…

Thanks Serene for the tipp and I will try out that restaurant if I do go to Stuttgart (I don't go there often).

Fabienne a dit…

Bonjour, je n'ai pas trouvé ton adresse mail ... J'ai répondu à ta question sur le beurre sur mon blog :
La question scientifique de ton fils m'a permis de découvrir ton blog ... Good luck !

Beau Lotus a dit…

Arrgh Mag you are making me feel bad for not giving you reason to come more often to Stuttgart!!!

Et Fabienne, merci encore une fois de ta réponse. Je suis contente moi aussi d'avoir trouvé ton blog, et je compte y retourner de temps en temps découvrir tes délicieuses recettes!

Magdeline & Juergen a dit…

Serene, you don't have to feel bad cos to tell you the truth, I don't really fancy big cities (not that STR is very big)....I am more like a 'kampung' girl and that is why I don't go there often :-)