jeudi, février 15, 2007

Fasching (Carnival) and Mini Nutella Waffles

Dressing up in costumes and pretending to be someone else is not my thing at all. Not that I wouldn't love to do it, but just haven't the imagination to carry it out with grace. In my dreams I would dress up as a Gypsy and dance the Flamenco, but in reality, I would probably dress up like a potato and not know where to rest my butt. It is therefore with much apprehension that I watch Fasching or Carnival time approach, and I always keep my fingers crossed that we would not be invited to some costume party that we wouldn't be able to refuse.

However, the kids look forward to it. And unless I choose to keep them away from school on Faschingstag, I will have to dress them up.

Actually, I look forward to dressing them up. It is just that my lack of sewing/couture talents mean that the costumes would have to be bought. And when you look at the variety/quality (or lack of) and the price (quite a rip-off), it is not a pleasant entreprise. I don't want my kids to look like another clown or cowboy in school, but neither would I be able to call Armani up and have him make something unique for them.

But the fact that we move every 2 years or so is actually an advantage. This means that I can buy good quality stuff and recycle them. And I try to make it a point not to buy the costume in the country we live in, in the hope of not having the kids wear the same thing as everybody else.

2 years ago, I bought a really beautiful bear costume from Moulin Roty, a French Teddy Bear maker. Very soft material, lovely design and not the kind of costume that you can find in most departmental stores. I intend to keep it for my grandchildren if it would keep that long.

Then when I was last in Singapore, I bought a Tigger costume at a discount though of course that is something you can find anywhere in this world where Disney is known, and as it was, there were 2 Tiggers in Baby Girl's class this morning (she was one of them). Baby Boy wore the Teddy Bear costume and he was the sweetest, cutest and most cuddly baby bear on earth...As for Eldest Son, he turned up in his red Gong Fu suit and probably spent the morning pretending to be Bruce Lee. I shudder to think about it...

As for myself, I was in Metzingen (again) yesterday and for the first time shopped at Pepe Jeans. I came across this black dress with a square collar, round sleeves and white skirt trimmings - which reminded me lots of a French Chambermaid. I bought it on a whim, thinking that Hubby would probably be more than interested to see me in it. We could have our own private costume party...:-).

I have also spent last evening making quite a number of mini Nutella waffles for Eldest Son's class party. Simple recipe :

100g Salted butter
300g Flour
1 Pkt Rising Agent
70g Brown Sugar
500ml Milk
2 Eggs

Microwave the butter. Remove the foam and set aside.

Mix the flour and rising agent and make a well in the middle. Add in the sugar, eggs and butter. Slowly mix in the milk. Mix in the Nutella (quantity is as you wish). Leave the mixture to rest for at least one hour before using it.

You can omit the Nutella and make plain waffles to be garnished as you wish later on, replace it with a glass of beer etc etc.

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Dutchess a dit…

Ahh.... carnival season... my son's been a cowboy, Robin Hood and Mozart.

I don't mind dressing up, in fact I think it's fun but I need the right party to go to for that kind of effort. Carnival definitely isn't it.Once, the hubby and I were invited to a Halloween do in Singapore and we went as Gomez and Morticia Adams. We had the characters down pat. It was easy for me since I love red lipstick and long one length hair. Another time I went as a 20s flapper, wig and all. That was fun too.